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Constitution & Bylaws


The name of the organization shall be the Valley Athletic Trainers Association (VATA).
ARTICLE II. Governance

  1. The Valley Athletic Trainers Association shall be governed by and conform to the Constitution and Bylaws set forth. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern VATA in those cases where they are applicable and are not inconsistent with the constitution. 


  1. To promote Athletic Training in the community with appropriate quality services.
  2. To provide continuing education hours and training to Athletic Trainers in order to enhance the quality of services provided to our patients.
  3. To provide a conducive atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and methods for the best practice of Athletic Training.

ARTICLE IV. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all Licensed Athletic Trainers in the State of Texas, emphasizing those within the Rio Grande Valley.
  2. Membership cannot be denied due to discrimination based on a person's race, age, sex, religion, national origin, physical condition, or economic status.
  3. Membership Type:
    • Professional Membership: Licensed Athletic Trainers currently practicing in the industrial, institutional, or clinical setting
    • Corporate Memberships: Any company that supports athletic training 
    • Associate Membership: Allied healthcare professionals, i.e., Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, physicians, etc.
    • Student Membership: currently enrolled high school and college students interested in Athletic Training.
    • Retired Professional Membership: Retired Athletic Trainers 


  1. Dues will be set by the board on a yearly basis.
  2. The treasurer will collect dues.
  3. Any member delinquent in paying dues for two months shall not be considered a member and will not be allowed to vote, hold office within the organization, or allowed member services.

ARTICLE VI: Officers of the Board 

  1. Officers of the Board are to be practicing professional members, in good standing with VATA and the Texas Department of Health, in the industrial, institutional, or clinical setting. In addition, Officers of the Board shall work and reside within the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, which includes Starr, Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, and Zapata counties.
  2. The board will consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Media Relations, a board member over continuing education, and a board member over membership and constitution.
    1. President: Will oversee all aspects of the organization; preside at all board meetings and general meetings at which he/she is in attendance.
      1. Marketing Officer: The appointee, will report to the president and oversee all aspects of the marketing plan.
      2. Gaming Conductor: The appointee, will report to the president and oversee all aspects of the gaming committee and submit for approval to the Texas Lottery Commission, and act in the capacity as “Conductor”.
    2. Vice-President: Will assist the President in all aspects of the organization and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she will oversee all amendments that may be presented to the board and will oversee all committees.
      1. South Padre Athletic Trainers Seminar (SPATS) 
      2. Scholarship/Student Athletic Training (Student Affairs) 
      3. Golf Tournament/Fundraising (Fundraising) 
      4. Round Table Discussion Groups/CEU Mini Clinics
      5. Gridiron Heroes
      6. Honors and Awards  
      7. Texas Emergency Athletic Management Seminar (TEAMS) 
    3. Treasurer: Will provide the board with a quarterly fiscal report via e-mail or correspondence, and will oversee all financial aspects of the organization.
      1. Financial Officer: Will provide the treasurer with financial reports including budgets, monies paid and received. The financial appointment will be responsible for issuing payments for services and goods. The appointee will be able to set the date and time he/she will issue payments. The payments will only be issued if there is an approved budget and the reimbursement form has been completed, approved by the committee chairperson, and there are available funds as per the budget. 
    4. Secretary: Will keep minutes of both general and board meetings. In addition will provide agendas for each meeting and oversee attendance at meetings.
    5. Media Relations: Will oversee public relations for the organization.
      1. Historian: Will keep a record of the club's accomplishments and activities for the year. Collect items such as pictures and news clippings about the club and its members. 
      2. Webmaster: Will maintain the association’s website and keep it up to date. 
    6. Member over CEU's: Will oversee all aspects pertaining to continuing education.
      1. Continuing Education Coordinator: The appointee is responsible for submitting for approval to the Board of Certification, Texas Physical Therapy Association, and any other accrediting organizations. As well as maintaining records for all CEU events.
    7. Member over Membership: Will oversee all aspects of membership for the organization. In addition will substitute as Secretary in the event of the Secretary's absence.
  3. Nominations shall be by members in good standing with the organization by correspondence in November.
  4. The board members are elected by a majority vote of eligible voting members. (Article IV)
  5. The term of office shall be two years. Board positions will be limited to two consecutive terms, with eligibility for re-election after sitting out for one term of the office held. The election of board members shall be staggered as follows:
    1. The President, Treasurer, and Board Member over Membership shall be elected in the same year.
    2. The Vice-President, Secretary, Media Relations, and Board Member over CEU's shall be elected in the same year.
    3. In the first year of the Valley Athletic Trainers' Association, the President, Treasurer, and the Board Member over Membership shall hold office for three years. Upon completion of the term, the years of each term shall be two as stated in Section 5 of Article VI. All other board members will adhere to the two year term as stated in Section 5 of Article VI.
  6. If an office becomes vacant during the year, the board can appoint a member to that position. If the President's office becomes vacant the Vice-President shall preside over the duties of the president and become president. If an appointed position becomes vacant then the board may appoint another member until the next annual meeting.
  7. A quorum of five board members, including the president or vice-president, must be in attendance to conduct official business.
  8. There shall be a transition period of two months prior to a change of officers.
  9. Elections will be in January and officers will take office in June of that same year.

Article VII: Voting

  1. Only VATA members classified as professional or retired, and in good standing as a practicing licensed athletic trainer, shall have the right to vote, debate, and be recognized by VATA. An associate allied health care provider shall have the right to be recognized by VATA, but may not vote.
  2. All voting for association matters shall be conducted during regular meetings or via correspondence.
  3. Correspondence voting may be completed via e-mail or first class mail.
  4. The Board shall decide on the appropriate method of voting.
  5. Article VIII: Meetings
  6. There shall be at least three general meetings within the year.
  7. General meetings shall be set by the President and approved by the Board.
  8. The Board shall meet anytime the President deems necessary.

Article IX: Agenda and Minutes

  1. The President shall set the agenda.
  2. The secretary shall distribute an agenda to each member of the board seven business days prior to each meeting, except for emergency meetings called by the President.
  3. Drafts of the minutes shall be forwarded to the President to be reviewed.
  4. Upon approval of the draft by the President, the minutes will be official only after the President's signature has been affixed and shall become a permanent record.
  5. All permanent records shall be kept with the secretary, and a copy will be kept with the President.

Article X: Committees and Appointments

  1. The board shall appoint committees as deemed necessary by the organization.
  2. The following are standing committees:
    1. Scholarship/Student Trainer Clinic
    2. Golf Tournament/Fundraising
    3. Round Table Discussion Groups/CEU Mini Clinics
    4. South Padre Athletic Training Seminar (SPATS)
    5. Gridiron Heroes
    6. Honors and Awards
    7. Texas Emergency Athletic Managment Seminar (TEAMS)
  3. A member (chairperson), appointed by the board, shall supervise each committee.
    1. The chairperson shall be responsible for updating the board on the progress of the committee.
    2. The chairperson shall be responsible for obtaining volunteers for the committee.
    3. The chairperson shall be a member in good standing of the organization.
    4. The chairperson shall not be a board member, without board approval.
    5. The chairperson shall be a professional or retired member in good standing. 
    6. The chairperson shall present an annual budget to the board of directors, including approving expenditures and submit the proper budget paperwork to the board member over the committee.

Article XI: Amending the Constitution

  1. The constitution shall be valid upon approval by the board.
  2. An amendment shall be proposed to the Vice-President in writing, along with signatures of 40 percent of the membership. The Vice-President shall introduce the amendment to the board.
  3. Once introduced to the board, the board shall vote the approval of the amendment

Amendment I
In Article VI, Section 5, the sentence “Board positions will be limited to two consecutive terms, with eligibility for re-election after sitting out for one term of the office held.”, shall be removed from the constitution. Term limits will no longer apply.