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Raul Ramos
Raul Ramos

WESLACO - Raul Ramos, 32, passed away suddenly due to an automobile accident on Friday, June 10, 2022, in San Benito, Texas. Raul was born on June 14, 1989, to Ricardo and Cristina (Gonzalez) Ramos in Longview, Texas, the youngest of three children. Raul was active, played soccer, and ran track throughout high school; that is when he wasn't injured. Raul had many strains, breaks, and bites while growing up, molding him into a tough-minded adult and making him passionate about helping others with injuries.

Raul earned a Master's Degree from The University of Texas at Tyler, where he also spent time as an athletic trainer. Raul longed to be closer to his roots, he had traveled all over the country as well as Thailand and Mexico, but he did some research and discovered the Rio Grande Valley and decided this is where he wanted to live. Raul was first hired by Brownsville ISD as an athletic trainer, then moved to San Benito ISD, where he has been helping athletes recover from injuries. Raul was a hard worker and thrived as a trainer. He always wanted to improve his knowledge and care, so he was constantly researching and studying new techniques for rehabilitation.

Raul met his soulmate, Alyssa Aguilar, in March of 2019, and they have been inseparable ever since. They were married on December 19, 2021. Raul and Alyssa both had a love for their dogs, Kaycee and Mapache. Raul enjoyed woodworking and used his talent to remodel their home and build wooden lawn ornaments for Christmas decorations. Raul was handy and could fix just about anything around the house. He and Alyssa enjoyed working in their yard, cooking meals at home, watching television, or just cuddling and talking about their days.

Raul never lost touch with his lifelong friends and was close to his family. He was someone who put everyone else's needs before his own and was known to stop in the middle of a project to help others. For example, he and Alyssa volunteered at the Special Olympics, impacting countless lives. Raul was soft-spoken, kind, and affectionate. He worked hard to make a difference in many students' lives and touched many others along the way.

Robert Garza
Robert Garza

HARLINGEN - Roberto "Bobby" Ray Garza never departed without offering a hug. He would grab you and hold you almost longer than necessary. You could feel the strength and love as he squeezed. Thus, even though he left suddenly to be with Our Lord Jesus Christ on the morning of June 10, 2022, all who knew him undoubtably received a great final hug.
Roberto Ray Garza was born in Harlingen, Texas on April 24, 1990. The calmness and pleasantness he exhibited as an infant continued with him into adulthood. One constant of his existence was his peacefulness. He was well built, smart and strong, loving and kind. A true jokester at heart, it was as if his goal in life was to make others smile.

His life was grounded by God and his faith, his family and friends, and his greatest-love, Alyssa Nicole Cruz.
Robert was taught about God by his loving mother throughout his life. With each biblical lesson spoken to him, he listened and understood. He always bared a cross on a chain upon his neck. The stories of Michael the Archangel were his favorite.

Despite being the second of four children, he was the eldest brother to the group. He firmly took the role of playmate, friend, and protector to his siblings. He was the most passionate of the bunch and always clung to his inner-child. To his parents, he was loyal, respectful, and true. He was a devoted son, never causing any frustration and always dependable. He served his parents well and endlessly cherished them.
His desire to please and care for all of his family was imperative to him. Robert preciously valued his grandparents. Family trips to Mexico to visit his Abuela Luz were always full of fun. He knew he had a second home and a second set of parents with his Grandma and Grandpa Flores. He loved and respected his uncles and aunts and would without fail greet them with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. His forty-two first cousins were some of his greatest friends. He valued the time spent and treasured the family gatherings.

Robert was a friend to all who knew him. The space in his heart was infinite, continuously having room for one more person. He had many friends and was eternally reliable to them. Some of his closest friends, Sean Hernandez, Isaac Ontiveros, and Justin Parada were considered by him to be family.
After years of dating, surrounded by family and friends, Robert proposed to Alyssa at his thirty-second birthday party in the late evening of April 23, 2022. He loved Alyssa without end and found joy and companionship with her. He constantly had her and her wellbeing in mind. He stood up for her, protected her, and supported her with all he had. Their connection is special. Robert chose Alyssa to spend the rest of his days with, which he ultimately did. He will forever remain with her.

He was strong, passionate, friendly, loving, dependable, and funny. He will be forever missed.