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Wednesday, March 20 2019
Day 20 Athletic Trainer Spotlight - Susan Detwiler
Susan Detwiler LAT, ATC
West Chester, PA
Raised in Harrisburg, PA
Lancaster Mennonite 1983
Eastern Mennonite College 1987
James Madison University--Athletic Training 1991
BOC 1992
Texas State License 1998
American Red Cross Instructor 1st Aid/CPR/AED & CPR for Professional Rescuer 
Stop The Bleed 2019

Current City and School/Workplace 
Edinburg, TX
Edinburg High School
Any involvement with other organizations or community services positions?
VATA Treasurer
VATA SPATS Committee

BOC Certified for 27 years
I have worked at FDU-Florham--1 year
Rockingham Memorial Hospital (Outreach/Clinic Athletic Trainer)--4 years
Edinburg HIgh--22 years

How/when did you become interested in the field of Athletic Training? 
I had a foot injury that kept me from playing basketball my junior year of high school that if we had an athletic trainer I probably would have been out for a few weeks. I also had some injuries in college playing field hockey at EMC that I had to figure out how to treat on my own. I heard about the athletic training program at James Madison University which was cross town from EMC. I thought about going to PT school but I really loved being involved with sports and the program at JMU was considered one of the best. I decided to combine my love of sports and medicine. 

If from out of the valley, how did you end up at the position you are currently in? 
I applied for a number of positions around the US and Richard Flores from ECISD called and offered me a job at Edinburg High so I packed my car with my 5 year old son and my 3 year old daughter and all our earthly belongings and drove 1600 miles to Edinburg. I had know idea where Edinburg was when I applied and was offered the job. I was told the easiest way to find Edinburg on a map was to find Reynosa, Mexico and look about 15 miles north and I would find Edinburg.  Twenty two years later it is still the best decision I could have made.

What drives you to do your job? 
I love to help people. Teaching young athletes how to take care of their bodies and hopefully giving them tools to live a long healthy life are my motivation. Plus working with teenagers keeps me young.

Has Athletic Training provided you an opportunity to travel, either in or out of country?
What is your favorite memory from this experience? I have had the opportunity to travel with ISF to Thailand with athletes and coaches to help with sports camps with some universities in Bangkok. Working with some of the soccer players and Muy Thai fighters was probably my most memorable experience while in Thailand.
Do you have any advice for other ATs or students contemplating a career in Aetic Training?  
Never stop learning! Don't be afraid to learn new techniques. Love the athletes you work with. They all want to feel that they are important and that you care. The ones who are always "hurt" need more love. Know when to be tough with them and push them through those hard rehabs and celebrate the small victories with them. You may not get much recognition from the public but the smile and thank you you get from your athletes after they are able to return to the sport they love will be enough.
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