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National Athletic Trainers Month Spotlight
Saturday, March 07 2020
Week 1 - NATM 2020 Athletic Trainer Spotlight- Paul Chavana

Paul Chavana, LAT

Hometown: Edinburg, TX, Edinburg High School (2005), UTPA(2015), Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT)

Current City: Pharr, TX PSJA Southwest High School

Any involvement with other organizations or community services positions: PSJA Sports Medicine Institute

How many years in the profession: 5 years

How/when did you become interested in the field of Athletic Training? First-year of college when I was considering physical therapy and came across athletic training and thought it mixes both sports and healthcare. It sounded like a perfect fit for me.

What drives you to do your job? The athletes in general, are well-rounded kids who just want to play and have fun. To see them put in the work to overcome an injury and go back out to the field of play is the best feeling. My head athletic trainer in college gave me some good advice, “Athletes don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. I go by those words every day I step into my training room.

Has Athletic Training provided you an opportunity to travel, either in or out of country? What is your favorite memory from this experience? In my undergrad days, I was able to travel with men’s basketball. We primarily traveled to the southwest and west coast a lot, it was great seeing new cities and venues. My favorite memory was having the whole team sit together for dinner and just talk about random things, it felt like you had a whole different family because of all the time you spent together.

Do you have any advice for other ATs or students contemplating a career in Athletic Training? Yes, if you enjoy sports and are considering a job in healthcare this is right up your alley. The hours are long but very enjoyable. Sports medicine in general is starting to become a hot topic in todays society and it just doesn’t stop at athletic training. I tell my student trainers all the time that they can still be involved in sports medicine as a physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon or countless other titles that this field has to offer.

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